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mercurymercruiserOf all your major investments, new engines for your boat can make the difference between pleasure and pain, safety and disaster, cruising and getting towed in.

At Outdrive Exchange, we’ll work hard to fit your budget to repower your vessel from a choice of many top name brands. And once you’re back out to sea, we’ll make sure you get home safely with factory trained preventative maintenance on everything we sell. From 135 to 430 Horsepower.

Mercury diesel marine repower Newport Beach

Mercury Diesel

Outdrive Exchange offers sales and service for all Mercury outdrives – gas and diesel. Ranging from 140 to 400 hp, the diesel engines gives sport performance to 20–45 foot boats. The engines comply with the most stringent environmental demands in their respective power classes: the US EPA Tier 2 for D9, D11 and D13 and the more stringent US EPA Tier 3 for D1 to D6.

The TDI engine block is fabricated from Vermicular Graphite Casting (VGC), which has twice the strength of grey iron and most of its attributes, but is 5% to 10% lighter. The end result is low weight, high strength, and maximum heat transfer for optimum cooling. The low weight of these diesels results in best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. Combined with great low-end torque, the end result is crowd-pleasing hole shot, great acceleration, low planing times and ultra-smooth performance. Mercury® SmartCraft® compatibility is built into these engines, delivering key information about vital engine functions on an easy-to-read LED display. SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) offers smooth shifting, immediate throttle response and high-tech digital controls.

Mercruiser gasoline marine repower Newport Beach

Mercruiser Gas

Mercury MerCruiser is world-renowned for creating innovations that provide boaters the best experiences on the water. From the pioneering sterndrive propulsion introduced at the Chicago Boat Show more than a half-century ago to today’s joystick controls that give boaters the confidence and ability to pilot the boat of their dreams even under extreme conditions, Mercury MerCruiser is the undisputed leader in marine power and technology. Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection regulates the precise amount of fuel required for different driving conditions, resulting in quick starts (regardless of temperature), smooth idling and improved throttle response. Power steering is standard, providing seamless, effortless control. Engineered for maximum durability, these cast-iron engines keep their revs low for longer life. Mercury®’s innovative Cool Fuel Module – a water-cooled fuel-delivery system – prevents vapor lock, while Engine Guardian protects your power source from low oil pressure or overheating. The MerCathode® system provides automatic protection against corrosive galvanic currents, while the MercFusion Paint System utilizes an electro-deposition primer for a superior seal. SeaCore®, which combines a closed-cooling system with industrial hardcoat anodizing, also is available. A high-displacement small block engine may sound like a contradiction in terms, but in fact it’s a formula for success, tempering raw power with extreme efficiency. MPI and ECT work together to precisely calibrate fuel delivery, resulting in savings at the pump. From 200 HP to 430 HP, let Outdrive Exchange create the perfect package for you. [see more at Mercury Marine]

Below the Waterline

Alpha 1

Alpha One

Available for single and twin engine applications, the Alpha One’s efficient hydrodynamic profile produces very little drag, which means better boat performance and fuel economy.

Features like an integrated water pump and permanently lubricated pivot points let you spend less time on maintenance and more time boating.

Designed for boats capable of up to 65 mph and gas engines delivering up to 300hp and diesel engines up to 150hp.

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Bravo One

Extended-length torpedos reduce drag and a deeper skeg provides a large rudder area for excellent steering response at any speed.

Refined and well-mannered with best-in-class shifting. Intended for single, twin, and triple applications for boats that go over 100 mph, gas engines up to 600hp and diesel engines up to 370hp.

Bravo One®, Bravo One X®, Bravo One XR® for gas stendrives; Bravo One X Diesel and Bravo One XR Diesel for diesel engines.

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Bravo Two

Bravo Two

With a longer-length design and large-diameter shaft, Bravo Two® and Bravo Two X® accommodate up to 20-inch propellers.

High thrust at low speeds. Quick planing. Improved fuel economy. Everything you need to get going – and get going fast.

No matter how big the load. For twin applications up to 55 mph, gas engines up to 450hp and diesel engines up to 370hp.

Bravo Two, Bravo Two X, for gas stendrives; Bravo Two X Diesel and Bravo Two XR® Diesel for diesel engines.

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Bravo Three

Bravo Three

Featuring dual counter-rotating propellers, the Bravo Three® gives you great steering control in the marina and incredible performance on open water.

The extra blade on the propellers lets your boat plane-off at a lower speed for optimal fuel efficiency.

Efficient design for minimal bow rise.

Advanced acceleration for better forward visibility.

Single/twin applications up to 65 mph, gas engines up to 525hp or diesel engines up to 370hp. Acceleration, maneuverability, and efficiency.

Bravo Three, Bravo Three X®, Bravo Three XR for gas stendrives; Bravo Three X Diesel and Bravo Three XR Diesel for diesel engines.

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